Shippers Looking to Logistics Providers to Help Ease Supply Chain Disruptions

Shippers Looking to Logistics Providers to Help Ease Supply Chain Disruptions

As the summer comes to an end, the logistics industry is still facing major supply chain disruptions. While transportation bottlenecks caused shipping delays early on during the pandemic, most recently the supply chain disruptions are being caused mostly from labor shortages.

“Shipping delays are one big part of the problem right now. Another is labor. Domestically, there have been shortages of truck drivers, warehouse workers and dockworkers,” explained Ailsa Chang, Host of NPR’s All Things Considered. Ships continue to be delayed at U.S. ports because there just aren’t enough workers to unload the contents and not enough drivers to transport them.

The labor shortage limits economic growth in local areas according to 90% of local chamber of commerce leaders surveyed by the U.S. Chamber.

Many times, economists usually don’t pay too much attention when businesses report labor shortages, thinking, ‘there’s a shortage of people willing to work for what you are offering to pay.’ The current situation, however, is not as cut and dry. Businesses are offering higher wages and benefits but getting little response from the available workforce.

All over the U.S., businesses are struggling to find workers, but transportation and logistics may be one of the industries hit the hardest.  The shortage of workers is caused by many factors, including the federal government’s expanded unemployment insurance benefits, lingering fears of contracting Covid-19, and the need for some workers to care for children who are still in remote schooling, explained Mark Allen, president and CEO of the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA).

“My guess is there are a lot of things going on,” Allen said, adding that “most business leaders point to expanded unemployment insurance as the biggest culprit. Paying people to stay out of the workforce is not beneficial to industry.”

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